It costs a restaurant $1,902 to replace an hourly back-of-the house worker; $2,000 for an hourly front-of-the-house employee; and $14,036 for a manager.
-- QSR
53% of frequent diners and 41% of occasional diners agree that their mobile phone is the first place they go to decide on a restaurant.
-- Open Table
From sourcing smart technology integrations to managing staff more effectively, operators are rethinking how their restaurants are run in the face of rising labor costs and an ongoing war for industry talent.
-- Erika Adams

Effective ordering solution:

We will customize and harmonize the online ordering and the in person or on the table ordering solution to improve and present a very user friendly solution to the customers and restaurant staff.

All final orders can instantly go to kitchen with the detailed information. Customers will have a hassle free, highly efficient and user friendly system which will again improve the branding and customer loyalty.

How It Works

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