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$28 billion revenue was generated by the American bar, night club and tavern industry in 2018 according to IBIS World. The average profit margin of a bar is approximately 70-80% according to a survey by BevSpot. This shows that while running a bar is an already lucrative business, it can do a lot better with the introduction of bar point of sale systems. From keeping a fool-proof track of the orders placed by the patrons to the monitoring of stock availability, the YourGoGetter takes care of all the daunting yet important tasks. It is important to have a restaurant POS system that has been designed exclusively for a bar where ease of access and efficiency call the 'shots'.

The following key features of the YourGoGetter Bar POS systems cover the required basics while leaving ample room for innovations in the bar's in-house services:

  • Instant access to the bar's signature and bestselling drinks for the patrons : YourGoGetter enables the patrons to see the most-loved drinks of the other patrons. This keeps up the flow of the orders of the regular drinks and also the new ones. Who doesn't like to try something new every once in a while?
  • Easier payment options : When payments of the checks are as easy as swiping or tapping a card, not only do the staffs not have to worry about keeping tab over the patrons upon serving the checks but also ensure that the patrons enjoy a hassle-free check-out after a night's merriment.
  • A glance at the history of the past orders : A better patron base can be developed when the owners know why they revisit their bars. From the notes left by the customers as feedbacks to learning about the recent and past orders, the owners readily understand what they are serving best to keep the crowd coming in. By identifying the big spenders, the Point of Sale systems for restaurants and bars can incorporate them in their loyalty program, thus, giving the regulars another reason to keep ‘pouring in’!
  • Integration of other aspects of the business with the bar POS system : It will entail a lot less hassle if the management of the bar and the patrons can be integrated with the other aspects of maintaining a business. This integration gives the owners real-time reports about the overall performance of the business so that other related daily decisions do not require much headache.
  • Seamless management of the workforce : Management of the workforce was never so easy. From clocking the daily attendance to scheduling the shifts and managing the payroll and tips, everything is just matter of few taps and clicks.
  • Superior inventory management : Managing a bar isn't only about the action that takes place in front but also about managing the backstage work. The superior inventory management ensures on-time low-stock alerts, effective planning of the waste management and real-time information about the cost and profit per drink. Having a sound knowledge of the overall situation of the bar ensures that everything remains under control, every single time. The effective analytics highlight the areas where improvement is required, thus boosts further growth.
  • Not one interface for all : A custom-made POS system interface calls for the incorporation of the unique in-house features that has taken the bar to its present height. Our flexible interface options ensure that the bar continues to enjoy its present popularity without compromising on the services that it offers to its patrons.
  • Crafting the menu as per the patrons’ preferences : A few clicks and taps show the most loved drinks and food items. This ensures that it is a game to craft the menu in the later years by incorporating all those items which the patrons loved, deleting the not-so-preferred ones and including new dishes along the line of the past preferences of the patrons.
  • Live updates even when the owner is on holiday : The owners tend to get worried when they are on holiday regarding the performance of the bar in the mean time. The YourGoGetter’s real-time reporting ensures that the owners never miss a detail even when they are not physically inside the bar.
  • Round the clock customer support : Problems never come with a warning and do not really bother about selecting a suitable time. Hence, the customer support from YourGoGetter is available round the clock to solve all the problems as effectively and in as less time as possible.

All these facilities are available for the veterans in the business along with the ones who are about the start their journey. YourGoGetter is a one-stop solution for the entire bar POS system requirements that a seasoned or a newbie bar owner may have.

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