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Restaurant Management System – 3 Important Segments that Need Your Attention

Posted By : Admin 03/02/2020   |  Technology

Managing a restaurant or bar involves a lot of matters. From serving the customers on the tables to preparing the bills and from managing the inventory to maintaining the hygiene of the place – the list is quite long. It is almost impossible to manually maintain all these segments in a flawless manner.

This is the reason restaurant owners depend on technologies and software applications to execute their daily tasks in a restaurant. There are wide arrays of technologies that simplify the challenges that restaurants and cafes often face. The modern Restaurant Management System is such an application that makes your business simple, easy, smooth and successful.

There are plenty of areas where this system can be your best support. However, today we will talk about the 3 most important segments of the restaurant business that need your attention and can be managed nicely with the help of the current restaurant management software.

1.     Inventory Management

A restaurant needs thousands of things to make their overall service successful. From toothpicks to spices and from napkins to utensils – the list is long enough. It is not possible to keep an eye on all these items manually without any mistake. The software helps you to track each and every item that you use in your restaurant or bar. It can also help you to notify which product of your current stock should be refilled and which are not very useful for your business. Inventory management is a big task and you can execute it perfectly with the help of this system.

2.     Taking the Orders

People love to visit a particular restaurant for a few reasons. One of them is how the orders are taken and how prompt the service is. With the help of restaurant EPOS or restaurant tablets now it becomes easier than ever to place the orders of the foods for the guests. They do not need to wait for the waiter to come to their table. They can use the tablet to get the menu and place the order all by themselves. The manager can also track the orders placed by every guest without much effort.

3.     Track the Sales

With the help of the point of sale systems for restaurants and bars, it becomes simpler to track the daily sales of your business. The system records every sale made through it and helps you to calculate the final amount. You can track the orders and know which dishes are most loved by your guests and which are not very popular among them. You can calculate your annual profit and loss with the help of this report.

Getting individual technologies for different segments of a restaurant is a cost-effective matter. The advanced EPOS helps you to manage everything through a single device.

The latest EPOS designed by YourGoGetter helps you in perfect Restaurant Management System throughout the year.

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Deliver Great Customer Service with the Help of Restaurant POS

Posted By : Admin 16/01/2020   |  Technology


The smart and advanced restaurant POS or point of sale system allows the restaurant owners and managers to deliver unparallel customer services. From taking orders to making the promotions of the new items in the restaurant; everything can be done and managed in a smooth and hassle-free manner. The system also ensures that you can run your daily tasks in the restaurant in an easy and risk-free way.

The use of restaurant point of sale system is significantly effective in managing the daily services of restaurants and cafes; irrespective of their size and type. Conventionally, it is the system where your guests make the payment in exchange for food or service with the help of touch screens or payment terminals. A wide range of POS software and POS hardware options are used for this transaction.

Multiple Assistances from One System

A well-developed POS helps restaurant owners in multiple ways. Cash management, payment service integration, maintenance of the financial control of the business are a few of them. However, with the growing competition in the food and beverage industry, the restaurant owners need POS that can do something more for their business to be successful. The latest POS will deliver much more including;

·        Reporting and analytics


·        Mobility


·        POS hardware


·        Labor management


·        Inventory management


·        Gift and loyalty

Benefits that You Cannot Ignore

1.     Accurate Tracking of Sales: A busy restaurant generally handles a high volume of cash and credit card transactions every day. When you have an advanced POS instead of your traditional cash register system, then you can track every sale accurately and without any additional hazards.

2.     Easy and Simple Transactions: The aim of a POS is to offer the users hassle-free transactions. When your guests make the payments through POS, the process can be done faster, smarter and simpler way. Whether you are paying via credit or debit cards, the machine will handle it without any risk and complete the process faster than ever.

3.     Easy Tracking of Inventory: Inventory tracking is one of the most difficult tasks for every restaurant owner. The top rated pos systems for restaurants allow the owners to track their inventories without any additional hassle. Even if you receive multiple packages and deliveries in your restaurant then also a smart POS will help you to manage your stock by providing you with a correct and latest list of available items.

While talking about the most useful and advanced restaurant point of sale system in the USA, the name of YourGoGetter cannot be ignored. The latest POS of this company is feature-rich and reliable for the restaurants of all sizes. You can try it and get to know the benefits of the system on your own.


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Transform the Way You Operate Your Business with Restaurant Tablet Ordering System

Posted By : Admin 30/08/2019   |  Restaurant POS

With the technological advancements in the 21st century, every other service offered online has been automated. In short, whatever you do from cleaning dishes to ordering food, everything is electronically handled. While the online food ordering system has always meant for getting your food delivered at your doorsteps, the scenario seems to change nowadays. Yes, today the online ordering system is no more limited to placing orders for home delivery of food but also for the on-spot order placement for your food to arrive at the restaurant table. Using the restaurant tablet ordering system, restaurant owners get a chance to manage the restaurant orders properly without any delay, doubt, or mistake. And YourGoGetter lends you its complete support in offering you the most efficient tablet table system for your restaurant premises.

The Benefits Brought About By the Tablet Ordering System

Convenient Food Ordering

When you have a device to place orders, you do not have to turn pages and look at the items being offered in the restaurant you are visiting. In the case of the manual menu, you have to search for items while you decide on what things you need to order. On the other hand, you can tick the checkboxes to select the desired items on the tablet menu and uncheck in case you think you will prefer something else over the checked food item. This will save your time and energy in searching for the thing that you thought of ordering from the manual menu.

Complete Description on Menu

While looking at the manual menu brings you across the names of the items only, the tablet food ordering system at your restaurant supports the descriptive characters too. This means that you can provide details of what kind of item the one listed in the menu is. It may contain the ingredients used along with the pictures of those particular items.  At YourGoGetter, we will help you describe the food items of your restaurant and include the information in the database as soon as you give us the related details.

Online Payments

When the ordering of food is handled online, it is very normal for a restaurant to accept online payments. The billing and receipt generation is instant and the best thing is that the tablet POS system has a very safe and secure gateway to initiate a transaction. This is what makes your restaurant even more trustworthy.

Online Order & Delivery

Besides ordering the food on the spot at the restaurant using the tablet system for instant table deliver, the customers also get a chance to order food online for delivery at their doorsteps. For this, collaborating with us at YourGoGetter can help. We, in such case, become a third-party platform that connects you with your customers, thereby giving the latter access to your menu and online payment options.

Customer Feedback

As a restaurant owner, it is always important for you to know whether your services are satisfactory. With the help of the online table POS system that they use to order food, the customers can also provide their feedback as the device asks them for the same after the completion of their meal. This way, you get to know about what your customers think of you.

With YourGoGetter, you can make your restaurant tech-savvy by having the most efficient tablet POS system installed in your premise. It will not only help you build your reputation but also make the functions to be carried out easier and convenient.

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Restaurant Tablet Table – An Innovative Way of Enhancing Customer Experience

Posted By : Admin 27/08/2019   |  Technology

The addiction to electronic gadgets is a very normal phenomenon in recent times, which is prominent in individuals irrespective of their age. While young kids come across several nursery rhymes and by heart those poems after listening to them multiple times, the adults use it for almost everything from learning to entertainment. Seeing the significance of the device in the lives of the people, YourGoGetter initiated the inculcation of tablet tables in the restaurant premises to make order management easier and customer experience better. A tablet table is a portable device that does not only offer tech-savvy features but also make your restaurant premise organized and mess free.

Why Tablet Table?

For a Better Display of Menu

YourGoGetter’s tablet table software system offers you vast support for the description of each and every item of the menu. As customers, you can take a look at the ingredients that are used to prepare the food. As a result, you will be well aware of what you are actually eating. There are people who come to the city for the first time and they may not know the cuisine or particular food item’s name. This feature serves to be of great help to them.

Ensures Better Customer Handling

In addition to the above, when you have tablet tables in your restaurant, you can specify your preferences while placing your orders. There, you can also provide a specific mention to ingredients or items that you are allergic to. The best part of this tablet system is that on completion of the meal, it will automatically ask customers for feedback, which will, thereby, help you improve your services.

It Is a Cost-effective Option

Surprised? Of course, you will be so as tablets are not a pocket-friendly products and that too when you need for each and every table in your restaurant. Well, if you are worried about the investment you will have to make, take a deep breath and listen to us. You do have an option of having these devices on rent. Taking them on rent will be a much pocket-friendly alternative for you. When you realize that it’s helping you reap huge profits, you can invest in owning the devices in the long run.

Minimal or No Competition

Though artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the most efficient technologies, possibly to affect each and every service industry, it is still not commonly used by many restaurant owners. The numbers are limited. If you connect with us at YourGoGetter, we will ensure the technological development of your premise and you will be subject to no significant competition as you won’t have any such rival to fight against.

Keeps Customers Engaged

You can understand how boring it is to wait for the food to arrive after placing the order. No matter how instant the process is, the preparation still takes time. YourGoGetter emphasized on this aspect and made sure its software is well equipped with some inbuilt games to keep customers involved until their food arrives at the table. Though the games are chargeable, it doesn’t let hungry foodies realize the gap between the placing of orders and getting served the same.

Above all, the payment modes that are offered by restaurant tablet are flexible. Thus, your customers are free to pay for the orders placed as per their convenience. In short, the YourGoGetter’s tablet table does not only take care of the ease of the clients but also focuses on the convenience of our clients’ customers.

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Best Restaurant POS Systems Make Managing Your Business Functions Hassle free

Posted By : Admin 21/08/2019   |  Technology

Are you searching for a technology that will make your restaurant business capable of looking after all the business functions from order tracking to accounting efficiently? If yes, trying a restaurant POS system will be the best search result for you. While there are multiple service providers to make available to you the active and efficient restaurant POS systems, choosing the best one out of them is completely your choice. Well, when the best service provider to inculcate a technological atmosphere inside your restaurant is thought of, YourGoGetter appears to be the topmost recommendation in the market.

How POS Systems Help Manage Restaurants Effectively?

We proudly admit that our technology development services are considered as the best because we are sure of the quality we offer and also the level of satisfaction that we provide to our clients. As we aim at satisfying our clients, we make sure our clients also offer a significant sense of contentment to their foodie customers. Thus, we ensure efficient management of the restaurant business for those who trust us with our POS systems.

Finance Management

Business and finance management are two complementary terms and hence a businessman must make sure his financial aspects are essentially taken care of. When you have the best POS system for restaurant, you can be assured of efficient cash management along with other financial activities being tracked efficiently without fail. With the help of our technological system, restaurant owners can track discounts and support gift cards and other loyalty programs as and when introduced for their loyal and regular customers. Besides cash controlling, tip tracking and payout monitoring along with identifying void transactions are the major features that the restaurant POS systems offer while handling the finances of the restaurant.

Menu Management

The POS software gives restaurants an opportunity to offer support for the description of menu items. It also offers order modifier facility so that customers can edit the orders placed. With kitchen printer support that the system provides, the orders that customers place are directly sent to the kitchen, which makes order management easy for restaurants.

Report Management

The access to the management tools helps restaurant owners to generate analytical reports, which thereby makes them take relevant strategic decisions as and when required. You, being a restaurant owner, can utilize this feature to generate varied reports, including the profit and loss statements.

Employee Management

When you have employees who work with you to run your restaurant, it becomes your responsibility to monitor their efficiency from time to time. With the help of the POS system, you can build separate user profiles with restricted database access permission with respect to the positions they hold. You can also keep track of the time and attendance of the staff members.

Apart from the above-mentioned management benefits, you can have our best POS system for restaurant to manage your customer base along with the maintenance of the inventory, which forms the basis of any business. With YourGoGetter, you get the most active support services to help you with the technological struggles that you may face while operating in your tech-savvy restaurant premise. Connect with us in case you face any issue.

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The Features That Make POS System Fruitful For Your Restaurants

Posted By : Admin 20/08/2019   |  Technology

The advent of technology has led to the automation of almost all services that you need in your everyday life. Well, when you have fully automatic washing machines to serve your laundry needs and you even have dishwashers to clean your dishes instantly, why not you can have technologically built interface for your restaurant to take care of your multiple orders simultaneously? While there are lots of service providers to offer you efficient POS system in the city or town you live in, our YourGoGetter POS software installation services excel both in terms of quality as well as affordability.

The Features

AI Implementation

Artificial Intelligence is likely to take the technological advancements to new heights by facilitating the automatic handling of each and every service that we require frequently or infrequently. With the new innovations being introduced in the restaurant industry seeing the increasing competition between the market players, the intervention of AI-driven techniques in the niche seemed mandatory. Thus, the inculcation of the YourGoGetter’s AI-driven POS system in the restaurants is being taken as one of the best initiatives in the restaurant business till date. This has enabled automatic and instant food ordering system along with the conduction of several other services by providing smart technology integration feature.

Dashboard Access

Collaborating with us at YourGoGetter does not make you a passive user. After all, you are the restaurant owner and we understand how important it is for you to have control over the backend that is recording, storing, and retrieving data. Given the significance of the back-end monitoring for restaurant owners, we offer them complete dashboard access. Using this feature, business owners get a chance to receive real-time analytics and accordingly improve their restaurant business.

Allow Game Access

Do you know which the longest waiting hour of life is? The time when you are too hungry and you are asked to wait for your food to arrive. While developing the POS software system, this is one of the most significant factors that we, at YourGoGetter, keep in mind. Thus, when you inculcate our customized technological table in your restaurant premise, it makes your customers’ experience unforgettable. This is because we offer various user engagement apps in the same tablet which they use for ordering their food. As a result, they can enjoy games and other activities while waiting for their order to arrive.

Help Customize Menu

Once you hire our technology development services, you get numerous chances of improving your restaurant business. This is because recording customer preferences becomes easier and accordingly you can customize the order or menu items. As customers place their order using the device the restaurant works on, a new section with customer preference options opens where they are allowed to specify their requirements in details, including the ingredients or items they are allergic to. These orders go straight to the kitchen and the chefs follow the instructions as specified. Well, after the completion of the meals, customers are asked to provide their feedback electronically, which is stored online and thereby help in the improvement.

With a hardware-driven restaurant premise, you do not only get a chance to enjoy the practical features but you also find that your premise is well-organized and well-adorned. Being a restaurant owner, nothing can give you a sigh of relief more than seeing your customers leaving the restaurant with a satisfactory smile on their faces. The efficient restaurant POS software from YourGoGetter will help you ensure this for sure.

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Ways by Which You Can Most Out of POS System for Restaurant

Posted By : Admin 03/05/2019   |  Technology

The restaurant POS system is the main element for the business operation. For those, who are not familiar with this system, the POS or the Point of Sale is the software that a restaurant or a bar uses to make payments for the services and goods delivered. It is used mainly to swipe the payment cards and track the payments for their food and drinks.

Here are some of the important ways to make most of the POS software:

1.    Start using the best equipment

There is no other option better than this. The POS system that you get solely depends upon the money that you receive. The key is to choose the system that has all the important features. The price of the restaurant tablet software largely depends upon the quality. If you are doing a simple operation at the café or at the restaurant, you may not require the complex POS system, but if you require software that will manage the inventory, choosing the POS that can efficiently handle the entire task is the best one to choose.

2.    Choose the POS that has the analytical features

Several POS systems provide the analysis tools that most of the restaurant owners do not use because they are using it differently. The POS not only can easily out your inventory but also analyze the traffic in the cafe and also monitor the behavior of the customers.

3.    Use to create a loyalty program

The POS system nowadays can create and manage loyalty programs. The POS system can keep the guests come again. You can use the information that is gathered in the POS system to offer attractive discounts depending on buying habits.

4.    Centralize the training

The advanced POS software can also utilize the training capabilities. Taking the stress from the management staff and allow new employees to train at their capabilities at the café and restaurants.

5.    Integrate the online sales within the in-house workflow

Most people use online food ordering apps. As customers love to use these applications, they will face problems at the restaurants if they do not have the efficient way to manage the influx of online orders given by the customers. When you use the POS software, it helps in managing everything at one place, taking both the in-house and the online orders same time.

6.    Develop the self-service zone

This system is best for the businesses to want to develop the self-service zone for the customers. With the use of the POS system, the customers can make the process easier during the busier days. This is one of the best sides of the POS system.

7.    Protect against the theft

Though hiring staff can be one of the best options, tracking everything from the cash flow to the inventory and comparing the sales is quite difficult manually. The POS system helps to spot the problem fast.

These are some of the benefits to use the restaurant pos software. If you are still thinking about the benefits, you can check out the features of POS online.

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Installing The POS System at the Restaurant Know the Reasons Behind

Posted By : Admin 19/04/2019   |  Technology

Installing the POS System at the Restaurant- Know the Reasons Behind

Opening a restaurant can be difficult. There are various choices you should make while designing the restaurant for you ranging from choosing the staff members, menus and also to the décor. But, reading this guide will help you to decide the right POS system for your café or restaurant. This post will help you to know about the various types of POS system and how to choose the best one for you.

You have hired the right staff for your kitchen team. You also have a great team of servers. You have the staff right in place. The dining room is also perfect, and the bars look great. You also have high-quality kitchen equipment. Everything is set up in a perfect manner, and everything is going smoothly. Even, the public relation efforts are gaining fruits- you are becoming popular among the customers.

You are doing a great job! But, I think you have overlooked the main component that lies behind the success of the restaurant. If you have not yet thought of installing the POS or the Point of Sale System in the restaurant, you will face problems in the future. The main thing lies choosing the best POS system for a restaurant. You should choose the POS software that is perfect for your establishment as well as the employees. When the POS is working slowly, or it is clumsy, everyone will find it irritating. And it is obvious that the frustrating staff will not deliver the best service. Here are some of the features that will help you to choose the best POS system for your restaurant-

1.    Is it fast and intuitive?

It is true that the world is moving very fast. And it seems that a restaurant should be even moved faster as well. The POS software should deliver the results in highest speed and should be easy to use as well. It is very important that your staff become much more comfortable to use the device. The speed of the system should be higher as compared to the other machines available. If your restaurant already has the POS system and you want it to work, be sure to know that it can be integrated easily.

2.    Does it have the credit card processor capabilities?

Though this factor seems to be obvious, not only the POS system available has the credit card processor. When you are choosing the POS software, be sure to ask whether the system supports the credit card processor or not.

3.    Is it capable of tracking the inventory for you?

One of the best reasons to use the POS software is to track the inventory. While you are choosing the POS system for your business, be sure to check whether it can track the inventory inside. The best POS system will help in tracking the ingredient orders and their usage as well.


4.    Tablet POS

The tablet POS system is also growing in importance these days. Several POS companies are including the mobile platform that will turn the tablet devices to the remote registers that are capable of taking the orders and making the payment. One of the benefits of using the tablet POS is that the users can use it on their own.

It is tough to handle the operation of a restaurant and a café. With the use of proper POS system, you can able to maintain your business smoothly. You should always use the POS system from a reliable service provider to avail the best benefits.

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