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The valuation of the café industry in America was $45.4 billion for 2018 by 2019 Project Café USA conducted by Allegra World Coffee Portal. This shows that cafés are an integral part of the life of an American. From meeting up with friends to small official meetings— it is a space which is utilized in multiple ways. Hence, it is no wonder that cafés are such a profitable business. However, what is profitable now can be made all the so more by bringing in smart technology. The introduction of POS system will make an already buzzing café more efficient so that the customers find it great ‘brewing’ spot. To give a café the speed and efficiency that it deserves, YourGoGetter is the best POS system for café. From monitoring the timely and efficient delivery of the orders to the respective tables to maintaining staff efficiency, YourGoGetter is the perfect solution to keep the coffee mugs filled, always.

Why do the café owners love YourGoGetter?

An owner always wishes to conduct the business in as less hassle as it is humanly possible. However, when human beings fall short, technology comes in. with a café POS system, the owners will be able to relax that their customers are having a memorable time at their venue while also keeping a tab on the sales generated at the same time. The features which make YourGoGetter one of the most sought-after café POS systems include the following:

  • Ease of access
  • Efficient management of inventory
  • Real-time generation of reports
  • Clocking the attendance of the staff
  • Seamless synching of consequent orders to the respective tables
  • Identifying the most-loved items in the menu
  • Crafting a customized menu based on the customers' preferences
  • Tracking the regulars of the café
  • Calculating the total footfall in a given period
  • Synching the loyalty rewards of the regulars with their checks

Cafés are at once warm and cozy with a vibrant touch which makes them so popular among people of all age groups. YourGoGetter makes running a café all the more efficient by ensuring that the customers are happy while the management remain worry-free. Be it a seasoned café owner or a novice in the café industry, YourGoGetter will make the running of the business a breeze.

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