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Restaurant Technology

YourGoGetter transforms restaurants from old order by pad & paper and input into outdated remote terminal outposts into sleek and modern technologically advanced powerhouse operations. Contemporary hardware design will upgrade the technology feel and look for restaurants and add layers of engagement with guests. The latest YGG AI intuitive software technology takes your management to the forefront of customer and operations analytics and efficiencies. YourGoGetter leverages our sister subsidiary companies expert online marketing, web development and social media optimization to package a complete POS platform and marketing solution to give restaurants a huge competitive edge. YGG helps restaurants run smoother.

POS Tablet

YGG developed evolving proprietary AI technology software that continually updates and learns from custom data gathered from every order. Whether a restaurant operation has one or one hundred locations the data gathered for every order is updating the restaurants analytics in real time. The information gives operators almost unlimited options to use data, create reports and take action to increase efficiencies, save on labor costs and devise better ways to communicate with their clientele. Dashboard capabilities are accessible from any device. YourGoGetter is able to integrate an operations most popular industry APPs.

Gaming options on Table Top tablets create another stream of income.

YourGoGetter hardware is sleek with a low profile. Options include AI smart technology intuitive order taking devices; Table Top POS Tablet (Largest screen in the industry at 10.1 inch and 8.0 inch with receipt printers, contact and contactless); Table Side Handheld Tablets (8.0 inch); EMV encryption compliant payment solutions with inbuilt printers (6.0 inch with printer and scanner for retail and 5.0 inch); handheld “Mini” payment tablet. (4.0 inch); Kitchen displays (15.0 inch); Countertop dual displays (retail, cashier or quick serve options) (15.0 inch).

Marketing Solutions with a Free Website

We have the experts and the connections. YGG leverages our sister company affiliates expertise to drive more customers thru restaurants doors. YGG has the connections.

FREE WEBSITE? Yes! YourGoGetter will build a custom made free online ordering enabled website for our restaurant partners. We connect the major social media players with a restaurants brand and website. Website marketing services include; placement of restaurants websites on the first page of Google local results, placement and social media optimization on search engine directories and social media with Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Trip-Advisor, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with a focus on Local Search. YGG has the ability to create Android and iOS phone apps for any business. YourGoGetter also offers operators a Restaurant’s own domain name email solution to consolidate the brand image.

Mobile Apps

YGG can provide custom-built Android and iPhone ordering apps that are branded to your Restaurant. YourGoGetter mobile apps showcase the food and branding of your restaurant to create an exceptional connected experience.

Your own branded online ordering Website solution

YourGoGetter offers a FREE fully branded online shopping cart order solution website. Restaurant operators will have full access to the dashboard to manage the customized CRM (customer relation management system). Website will also have a click to call feature for diners to call in and place orders. A full feature rich, social media optimized website will tremendously improve the branding and traffic for any restaurant. YourGoGetter is a Yelp Certified Agency Partner.

YourGoGetter Tablets:

YourGoGetter platforms will transform restaurant technology, improve restaurant efficiency and cut labor needs dramatically. POS On Table or Table Side Tablets will increase tipping by a minimum of 3% to 5% resulting in better staff retention and morale. Less trips to remote terminals translates into more meaningful interactions for servers with your guests. Labor reduction alone will save restaurants thousands of dollars each year. Errors get reduced substantially. Customer wait times for all steps of service from ordering to payment are cut. Tables turn much more frequently. More guests have the ability to be served doors during the same hours of service.

YourGoGetter Dashboard

Restaurant operators will see their entire restaurant operation from any device and make changes on the fly. The custom analytics from real time orders for reports and data is practically unlimited. The dashboard will have customer data for loyalty customers; repeat customers; most sold dishes; Tips paid; labor cost management; number of orders serviced by each server and many more reports to improve service, reward loyalty and increase the profitability.

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