Refund policy

At YourGoGetter, we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our customers and we are glad that there has been no withdrawal of our services since we started delivering them. But, of course, we do have cancellation and refund schemes for clients who may not be satisfied with the services that we offer for one or the other reasons.

Our Refund Policy

Full refund

If a client cancels a service even before the work on it has begun, we try to offer a complete refund in that case. To get a full refund, however, our clients must abide by the date limitations. If the cancellation is requested post-the specified date, they may not be eligible for a full refund anymore.

Partial refund

If a client cancels our services for some reasons after the approval of the initial design, he/ she may expect only a partial refund in that case.

No refund

If a client has already taken up our service and his app is working well for all his restaurant orders, he/she will not be allowed any kind refund.

To cancel the services, you must send a prior request for our technical team to go through. The reason for cancellation is to be cited. However, if you do not receive any response from the YourGoGetter team, don’t assume the deal to be cancelled. The acceptance email from our side is a must in case you are withdrawing our services.

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