Terms of service

Service Terms

At YourGoGetter, we are strict with deadlines. However, there are sudden issues that may arise, sometimes, which may be beyond our control. These may include deployment issues, lack of resource availability, unexpected situations, communication gaps and delays, etc.

Our professionals are very careful about everything getting reviewed and approved by clients at every stage of the completion of tasks. We expect feedback and editing but then we consider the work accepted if there is no update regarding the same from our client’s side.

The logos, design ideas, files, and data whatever comes from the clients, the copyright to each resource is expected to be owned by them. It is our clients who need to ensure we have all permissions to make the changes to the apps developed for their businesses.

YourGoGetter will not be liable for any authorization claims for the materials provided to it by the clients. The situation is expected to arise because of copyright issues or negligence by clients.

We will not take any responsibility of the changes to be made by the clients on the project assigned to and completed by us. The changes may include the deletion, addition, and other modifications made by them.

Payment Terms

At YourGoGetter, we accept payments via multiple modes. However, we reserve the right to decline payment in any of the forms at any given point without giving prior intimation.

A cancellation charge will be deducted in case any client wishes to discontinue or cancel the project. The amount will, however, vary depending on the stage to which a particular project has reached.

We are open to taking legal actions against clients in case of non-payment of the charges for a longer period. This will include the cancellation fee as well.

Support Terms

During the initial stages of the deal with clients, we offer support free of cost to them until a specific period of time. After that period, we start charging them a negotiated rate.

If third-party products or services are inculcated in the app developed by us and it demands payment, copyright, licensing, and alike services, these could also be chargeable in a few cases.

We do not offer any kind of guarantee or warranty for third-party products or services included in the products we develop.

Third-party upgrade of products and services does not fall into our scope and hence we may ask for a price revision, which is all up to the clients to accept or reject.

Delivery Terms

The stages of the development of products at YourGoGetter may vary. Hence, once the first stage of the development is delivered and approved, we move to the next stage.

The final product is uploaded at the client’s end for approval. We transfer the product to the destination server only once the final output is approved.

The codes and other materials used for the project will be likewise transferred to the client once the complete payment is made.

We are free to use our clients’ names as a reference to drive more customers towards our products and services.

For any queries, we are just a call away.

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Toll Free : 1-888-222-0881
1221 E. Dyer Road, Suite 250,
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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